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GerbilGoods Arcade

Enjoy a range of free and fun online flash games, all about animals, pets and soon gerbils! From many genres including puzzle, action, skill, adventure, shooting, strategy, sims and more. Great and entertaining animal and pets themed games selected by GerbilGoods for you!

Gerbil games are scurrying here! are not only content with invading the fashion and gifts world with gerbils, GerbilGoods are also trying to storm the games world! Currently there are not many gerbil-friendly games out there in the wide world of the web. But keep an eye on this space!

You can also earn a profit by sharing the games with others. Find out more.

Gerbil Games

Gerbil Gear

Dress-up and color a cute cartoon gerbil in fun gerbil-themed gear.

Top Picks

Dolphin Dive

Test your diving skills in this fast and fun game.

Charlie the Duck

Guide Charlie the Duck on its journey in this Mario-style game.

Farm Frenzy

Run and manage your own farm and try to make a profit!


Help Turtix rescue his friends and find the scattered amulet.

Banana Dash

Grab as many bananas as you can and race against the clock!

Action / Skill

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Guide Moolga the crazy rubber cow, avoiding perils and eating corn.


Guide a hamster-like creature through multiple challenging levels.

Rodent Tree Jump

Enter a challenge to become the new King of Rodents.

Bungee Rescue

Save animals and people before the flood rises too far.

Barnyard Balloon

Floaty animal fun in this balloon challenge.

JetRocket Pina

Explore mazes as a guinea pig with a jetpack!


A really wild game as you race away from the lion as fast as you can.

Pasture Panic

Save the poor sheep from the wild dogs.

Animal Rafters

Save the three little animals from the dangerous river.

Hungry Plushies

Help feed the plushies but don't over stuff them!


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Turti Trop

Great visuals and action, match turtles on a beach using starfish.

Koi Catcher

Capture koi fish by blocking with a limited number of stones.


Remove as many animal blocks as you can!


Guide a little frog across disappearing lilypads.

Teddy in the Bush

Help the bear find honey and valuable gold or diamonds.

Elephant Below

Help an elephant escape the circus by trunk fishing for pearls.

Bird Frenzy

Cute music rhythm game, feed the birds and match the beats.

Animal Dance

Cute animal dance memory game.

Who Am I Animals 2

Guess even more animals in this picture puzzler.

Who Am I Animals

Guess the animal as quick as you can!

Free the Bird

Free the bird from its cage in this tricky escape the room puzzler.


A spot the difference game that's really wild.

Red Panda Jigsaw

A jigsaw puzzle featuring a cute red panda.

Prairie Dogs Jigsaw

A jigsaw puzzle featuring two curious prairie dogs.

Sims / Virtual Pets

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Virtual Cat

Look after your own virtual kitty.

Virtual Dog

Get your very own virtual puppy.


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The Little Small Sticker Book

A customisable storybook scene with animals.

Teddy Bear Dressup

Customise a stylish teddy bear.


Crazy Mammoths

Mammoths love to race, even when frozen in blocks of ice!

Gerbil Games = Fun and Profit!

So you want to know where the profit comes in? Well not only can you have a fun time playing our games but if you also decide to share the games with others by putting them on your website, blog, social network profile, arcade or anywhere else you can think of, you'll earn a 10% profit on the in-game advertising. Games are also great for drawing new traffic to your site and are an entertaining free gift for your regular visitors to stay around longer.

What's The Catch?

No catch, its free and easy to start making a profit. The only requirements are as follows:

  1. First you must host the small game file (.swf) on some webspace of your own, so that we can verify that you are the one supplying the game.
  2. Second you will also need a free Publisher account at the advertising network we use where you will verify that you own the webspace, which is quick and easy. It also allows you to track your progress. Just go to and follow the steps!
  3. Sites with mature or adult content are not eligible for becoming a Publisher.

That's it!

Featured Product

Thirsty for more?

  • Quench your thirst for unique gerbil-themed products right here and do it your own way!
  • All products are customizable and allow for various colour and style choices.
  • Add your own text or other touches.

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